bitcoin cannabis seeds


Buying Seeds with Bitcoin

If you are making a purchase of Cannabis Seeds and using bitcoin for the first time, you may be feeling slightly nervous about mking that first transaction. Our friend Buds McGee kindly created this short video demonstration of how to buy Cannabis Seeds at BitcoinSeedstore. You can see from the video, that even for a beginner making a payment with bitcoin  is incredibly simple and incredibly secure.



Remember before you get to he stage of ordering cannabis seeds from us you will need to either buy or acquire some bitcoins for yourself. There are several different ways to do this.

How to buy with Bitcoin:
1. open an account with a Bitcoin exchange;

2. Add and verify a bank account with your new account.

3. Add funds to your new account.

4. Buy bitcoins (convert your GBP/USD/EUR in Bitcoins) Once you have bought your bitcoins you can transfer them to your wallet and then spend them pseudo-anonymously over the Internet

Of course this is just the most basic way of obtaining bitcoin, we would personally recommend that you have a go at providing your own services for bitcoin, that way you have the added benefit of knowing that you are doing something good towards the bitcoin economy whilst also benefitting your bank account and own personal growth 🙂

If you are having any trouble getting set up with using bitcoin or have any questions about using it then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email! We’re happy to say that we’ve now  helped many customers in getting started with bitcoin and that so far everyone loves it and can see a real use for it in the future of digital payments.